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Villages June 4, 2010

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We went to a few villages today. Took a lot of pictures, but honestly, after you’ve seen one village, you’ve seen them all. ZzZzZzZz. Malia and I walked around our village once we got back. Practiced a little French on our own.


Pezenas! June 2, 2010

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Jennifer got sick today so Madame Raquidel let Chastity, Nivia, Malia, and I go explore Pezenas! We interacted with the Locals to find locations. We ate at Yacca! Enjoyed some martinis with our pizza! I was dying to have some normal food lol. Then we went shopping for a couple hours. When Madame Raquidel came back to get us we went to a few places to take pictures. Uploading photos soon!



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We went grocery shopping in Caux today! I’ll have the photos uploaded soon! We also toured the countryside on this incredibly long hike lol (about 7.5k). Madame Raquidel said something about a 15k “walk” sometime soon… 😥 lol


Arrival!! June 1, 2010

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I made it to France!!! We (Nivia, Malia, and I) flew from Charlotte to Paris yesterday. We toured Paris; the driving there is crazy!! We then flew form Paris to Montpellier; that flight was horrible. I got serious motion sickness; didn”t throw up though… We arrived in Caux, France around 5pm (11 am American). I’m liking my private room lol.

Au Revoir!


Hello world! May 27, 2010

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